Start Your IFS Implementation With the Right Partner

Today you may have multiple systems that are working in silos to meet your business needs. They may not be integrated so you may not have an end to end view into your business. Even if they are integrated, some of the challenges can be inefficient processes, lack of consistent data for decision making, communication breakdowns between different functions, all resulting in a subpar customer experience and/or higher operational cost. Having an integrated ERP system to manage your business addresses the concerns above.

Now that you’ve made the decision to implement the IFS Applications™, you need a partner that works with you on the major components of ERP success – change management, business process management, and technical expertise.  Nayo Technologies is your solution.  Our experienced team can lead your IFS ERP implementation and assist your organization during all stages of your ERP project. 

IFS Implementation Capabilities

Nayo maintains a team of 8 dedicated functional resources with a combined IFS implementation experience of over 100 years. A majority of our consultants come from IFS customers where they share a unique knowledge customer expectation. Nayo’s functional experience includes all features of IFS giving Nayo the ability to field a complete implementation team. Additionally, our consultants can cover multiple IFS functional areas and the implementation project management role minimizing team size and increasing intra-team collaboration. Finally, Nayo follows all IFS best practices and implementation methodologies.

IFS Implementation Methodology

Below is the IFS AIM Implementation methodology that Nayo follows:

AIM Methodolgy.png

What to Expect

  • ERP Implementation Experts – most companies do not have ERP experts in-house.  Our team has deep technical and functional knowledge and expertise in all areas of ERP implementation. We will help with the implementation and communications to manage change across the organization.  

  • Business Process Management – we will work with your subject matter experts to review and update your business processes to maximize efficiency and flow.

  • Operational Efficiency – we help with the deployment of the IFS software suite, minimizing the time and costs of implementation with very low risk.

  • High Accountability – well thought out project plan and project management to assess risk, scope, cost, time, and resources, along with an IFS Solution Definition to fit your unique business needs. 

  • Training & Quality Control – we provide customized ERP workshops, functional and technical development, comprehensive system and user acceptance testing, go-live planning and support, and post go-live and site rollouts.   

  • Customer Focus – we are with you every step of the way.  We will partner with you to get alignment with your resources, the executive team and the needs of the project.  You will receive ongoing support throughout the life of implementation. 

  • Security – with our state-of-the-art security suite we provide comprehensive view of IFS Applications security information along with pre-packaged and customized templates to assist with security configuration.    

Let Nayo Technologies be your partner for Successful IFS Implementations