Depend on Nayo for Data Migration 

Organizations transition from legacy systems to a new ERP system to increase organizational efficiency and enhance functionality. Migration of legacy data into IFS Applications™ is critical to a successful implementation.


Data Migration is a critical component to a successful implementation. Nayo Technologies is committed to helping organizations transition from legacy systems to IFS ensuring data integrity and consistency.


We will partner with you to complete data migration early in the implementation process, enabling the implementation team to use actual data in workshops and prototypes. You are assured of payback on your software investment the moment the system goes live, not months or years later.

What To Expect

Our team has extensive experience planning and executing successful data migration in a seamless and efficient manner with minimal disruption to our customers.

A clear methodology is an essential for success in the complex data migration process. We partner with you to develop and communicate the data migration plan and objectives across all levels of the organization.  Our goal is to enable you to migrate your data safely, predictably, and cost effectively.

Data security is as important to our team as it is to your team. We will formulate a comprehensive data security plan that integrates with the data migration plan.

Data Migration Process


Clearly defined objectives, timeline, budget, stakeholder requirements and communication plans are key components to our requirements evaluation. Our consultants will assess your need and propose the best migration tools to meet your business needs and bring your data in line with your new IFS Application.


We will assist your stakeholders in developing a data migration strategy that aligns with your priorities and business processes. In addition to a Data Migration plan, we will develop a Data Security plan for data transfer and information exchange protocols.


Proficient in both technical and functional requirements, our consultants will provide the solutions for mapping, extraction and testing.


We will provide expert guidance to cleanse the data throughout the IFS Implementation to avoid adverse effects to the system and your business processes as you convert the data.


Moving data in a repeatable and reliable process is key for a successful migration.  This enables you to implement IFS Applications quickly, efficiently, and without disruption to your business. Our consultants will perform the process of transferring data between storage types, formats, and systems.  We will also advise and train stakeholders to utilize the data migration tools available. 


Verification of the migrated data is the most important step of the data migration process.  We will ensure high quality by thoroughly analyzing, reviewing, and updating the migrated data.   After quality has been secured, our consultants will partner with stakeholders and end users to facilitate the transition of owning and utilizing the migrated data.

Let Nayo Technologies be your partner for Successful Data Migration