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Tune Up Your IFS Processes

In addition to helping our customers in developing and delivering individualized ERP solutions to meet their unique business needs, we also partner with them to maximize the full potential and capabilities of IFS Applications. As a key IFS Business partner, we offer a wide range of consulting services to companies implementing, upgrading, or using IFS Applications as their ERP system. While the initial IFS implementation/upgrade will effectively meet the client’s needs, over time, businesses evolve, grow, and change and it is important for organizations to regularly review their processes and systems and ‘tune up’ to ensure that organizational efficiency is sustained.  We will help our customers maximize efficiency of their business processes through leveraging the full capabilities of their ERP system. 

What To Expect

With an eye toward improving your current business processes and systems, Nayo Technologies will review and assess the current state of your processes, your usage of IFS Applications and formulate recommendations which align with the stated goal of maximizing the full capabilities of IFS Applications. 

Process review is the first step in this engagement. Our consultants will meet with your team to review your business process with a Continuous Learning and Improvement (CL&I) mindset. Based on our extensive experience and your evolving business needs, we will facilitate conversations to identify gaps, if any, and opportunities for improvement.

Next we analyze the findings, update the process flows and develop solution options to fully utilize the functionality within IFS Applications. We will provide high level estimates for the effort and/or cost involved in each option.  We then meet with our customers  to discuss each solution option and finalize the approach.  We will provide a detailed report which documents our findings and recommendations, along with the solution blueprint.  

Customer Story & Solution

Miller is a manufacturer of sprayers used in the agricultural industry. Having been in business for over 100 years, the company has grown substantially. IFS ERP utilization aided much of the development. As Miller expanded, one of the company’s most pressing needs was to find a way to collaborate with their suppliers without wasting efforts on time-consuming activities such as sending numerous emails or faxing purchase orders. While these actions did allow them to stay connected with the suppliers, Miller knew it could improve processes by implementing additional solutions that integrated with IFS. Miller also discovered the need for enhanced efficiency within Production. To improve, they needed to leverage modern technological tools such as mobile devices. It was crucial for Miller to find an organization that provided IFS compatible products and services.  They contacted Nayo Technologies. 

“The biggest reason to go with Nayo was their strong partnership and integration with IFS,” said Michael Krahn, Miller IT Director. Many years of experience working with IFS Applications has made Nayo particularly adept at technical services.

Nayo Technologies played an important role in the solution planning and were able to deliver the tools that best met the requirements of all involved.  We collaborated with Miller and implemented IFS compatible solutions, most notably a Supplier Portal that allowed the company to connect electronically with its suppliers, and also the mobile application iKanban. Both applications would streamline important processes, build overall efficiency, and result in better communication and stronger relationships.

Let Nayo Technologies be your partner for Successful IFS TUNE UP