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About Nayo


Founded in 2006, Nayo offers a wide range of consulting services to companies using IFS Applications™. We specialize in IFS implementation, upgrades, managed services and cloud hosting, process improvement, project planning and management, technical consulting, data conversion, report development, web development, .NET development, Mobile App Development, Oracle database management, and extensive IFS support and training.

Nayo functional resources have over 200 years of combined IFS experience. Team members have no less than 12 years of individual IFS experience. They have worked for IFS in roles such as Consulting Manager, Senior Project Manager, Solution Management, Senior Product Advisor, and Business Analyst. All have deep application knowledge in their area of expertise.

Nayo technical resources have over 150 years of combined IFS experience. All team members were trained at IFS and worked at IFS for several years before joining Nayo. Among other areas, team members have expertise with IFS development tools, Crystal Reports, .NET development, custom web applications, data migration, Oracle database, and IFS system administration, Interface development, and data warehousing solutions.

Nayo endorses employee involvement in community and charitable organizations. Nayo believes employees who demonstrate the traits of helping those in need in their private lives also demonstrate the same traits in their professional lives.

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Sam Durvasula

Vice President - IFS Solutions

Sam Durvasula is the Vice-President of IFS Solutions at Nayo Technologies. He leads Nayo’s business development efforts and growth strategy. He oversees Nayo’s operations, along with talent recruitment and development. Sam engages regularly with Nayo customers to build long-term relationships and partnerships and ensure clients have a favorable experience with Nayo. 

Sam has extensive knowledge in strategic planning and execution, driving business performance, operations management, and team leadership. While the majority of his knowledge and experience was gained working for a Fortune 100 company in the financial services sector, Sam has seamlessly and effectively transitioned his work experience to lead and grow Nayo Technologies. Sam’s relentless commitment to customer focus aligns effectively with Nayo’s core value of providing outstanding customer service.


Sam holds a Bachelors of Business Administration degree in Marketing from University of Wisconsin and earned his MBA in Finance from the University of Wisconsin.

Indu Image.png
Indu Durvasula

Director - Consulting Services

Indu Durvasula is the Director of Consulting Services at Nayo Technologies. Her team brings deep experience in designing, training, and implementing the IFS solutions to meet our client’s needs. In addition to managing her team, Indu brings a strategic mindset to our projects by engaging with executive leadership to ensure outcomes are clearly defined before work begins, align outcomes to company goals, and keep leadership informed throughout the project.  


Indu has a rich background and experience in project and portfolio management from small projects to multi-million-dollar projects. Her work experience spans being an employee of IFS to working for an IFS customer to working for a fortune 100 company and gives her the ability to look at projects from the customer’s perspective.


Indu holds a Master of Science degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from Andhra University, India and earned her MBA in Management Information Systems and Marketing from the University of Arizona.

Prasad Bhamidipati

Director - Operations

Prasad Bhamidipati works as the Director of Operations at Nayo Technologies. Prasad has been with Nayo since 2017 and manages the technical services team. Prasad has first started as a software developer at Avalon Software, Tucson, Arizona, in 1995. After working at various Avalon customer sites, Prasad joined IFS in 1998 after IFS acquired Avalon. During his 19 years of tenure at IFS, Prasad has held several roles in software development, training, and upgrade implementation management. As Implementation Manager, Prasad has managed and implemented over 260 IFS upgrades of several versions, including IFS ’99. Prasad’s strong background in upgrade implementations gives Nayo the competitive edge as the preferred partner for IFS Upgrades.

In addition to managing the technical team, Prasad also assists with overall operations, sales and marketing, and product and business development at Nayo.  Prasad is also part of the Nayo executive team and is entirely instrumental in the organization's strategic planning, growth, and infrastructure.

Prasad holds a Master's Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Hawaii and an MBA from the University of Arizona.

Michael Glorioso

Director - Managed Services

Michael Glorioso is our Director of Managed Services at Nayo Technologies and heads both our Managed Services and cloud hosting programs.  Additionally, Michael and the Managed Services team also provides IFS Applications™ system architecture and design services for our non-Managed Services clients.

With over over 20+ years of IFS experience in the areas of System and Software Engineering, best of breed support practices, Technical Solution Management, and IFS cloud hosting and architecture and design disciplines, Michael provides both strategic and operational expertise and leadership on projects and customer engagements.

Michael holds an Associates Degree in Computer Information Technology from Brunswick College.


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