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eCommerce Portal

Let Nayo make it easy to manage your online store directly integrated into IFS Applications™. 

Online shopping, either for business or personal, has been the current trend in the ever-changing digital landscape, and more so in the B2B/B2C market. 

Nayo Technologies' eCommerce Portal seamlessly integrates with the IFS Applications™.

Product Features Include:
  • Catalog​ — Display products and images filtered by category, color, and other features from IFS Applications. Offer suggested products​

  • Shopping Cart​ — Store customer product selections to remind customers of abandoned shopping carts to increase sales.​

  • Check Out​ — Accept credit card payments using merchant gateways like Stripe or by credit terms. Orders created directly in IFS Applications.

  • ​​Analytics​ — An interactive dashboard of product and store traffic enhances the ability to make informed business decisions.

  • ​Administration​ — Manage store content, users, security, and features through an easy-to-use management portal.

  • ​Integration​ — It is fully integrated with IFS Applications, including products, orders, and shipments, without the need for 3rd party integrations or syncing data.

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