Nayo's Integration Experience that Counts

Today’s businesses face many unique and complex challenges. A single ERP system may not meet all of their needs and organizations have to leverage other systems to optimize functionality and operational efficiency. Seamless integration of these systems is a must in order for these businesses to function smoothly. At Nayo Technologies, we are committed to helping you do this.


Although the IFS ERP system is widely used, organizations may turn to best of breed systems which offer deeper functionality in some areas (such as Concur for employee travel and expense management) to differentiate themselves. Integration of IFS Applications™ with other systems is essential. It will increase your enterprise software return on investment.


The following are a few systems that Nayo has integrated with IFS.

  • Basware

  • HighJump

  • jCatalog

  • Kronos

  • MS Project

  • MS Sharepoint

  • Salesforce

  • SAP

How to Integrate

Organizations that have a primary ERP system with stand-alone applications on the side will recognize the need to integrate IFS Applications with their other systems. These systems could be internal systems in their wide area network, external systems, or cloud-based and mobile platforms. It is imperative organizations use an integration approach involving standard and widely accepted protocols, while embracing newer and evolving technologies.

There are several considerations when it comes to making integration work correctly. Our team of experts will assess your systems to determine the best solution suitable for your system integration.


Each system has its own design and architecture, and sets of supported methods to communicate with other systems. Designing open and stable communication methods that work for most, if not all, of existing systems may be a challenge, but is the base for a good integration design. This includes communication with IFS Applications, using supported and recommended methodology. We strongly believe that good product knowledge and innovative technical drives play an important role in this.


Integrations should be designed to be flexible enough to handle small or large volumes of data transfer. Sometimes the solution must be tailored to suit the specific requirements. It is important to acknowledge these requirements at the outset of solution design and consider the typical use of each integration point.


The solution must be built to meet current needs while allowing for future additions and changes to grow with the business. This requires a flexible and robust design and Nayo has the technical expertise and experience to deliver.

Let Nayo Technologies be your partner for a Successful ERP System Integration