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Managed Services
Managed Cloud

IFS Applications™ performance and uptime are crucial for the success of your business.  Nayo offers Managed Services and Cloud Hosting solutions to meet the demands and budget of your organization.

With decades of experience, our engineers manage the performance and stability of the entire IFS Applications™ software stack.  From monitoring and managing of the database and IFS Middle-tier, through to the server-side add-ons, Nayo has you covered! 

All About Choices

Understanding that one fixed solution does not fit most needs, Nayo developed an approach centered on choice.​

  • Choice of Location – On-Premise or Hosted​

  • Choice of Platform – Azure, Private, or Public Cloud​

  • Choice of Service – From fully managed to infrastructure only​

  • Choice of Access – Offer "Application Only" through Server Desktop Access

Core Services

Nayo provides a complete turn-key solution to manage the IFS Applications™ software stack.

  • Monitoring and incident remediation of the database, Middle-tire, and IFS server side add-on components

  • Database Administration

  • Middle-tier Administration

  • Patch, Customization, and Update Deployment Services

  • IFS Environment Clone and Refresh Services

  • Backup and Recovery Services

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