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Nayo Security Suite

Simplify your IFS security management and ensure compliance with the Nayo Security Suite.

Simple and Effective

Nayo Security Suite offers you the simplicity of managing your IFS security but no compromise on the effectiveness of configuring your settings to meet your needs. The tool is compatible with Apps8, Apps9, and Apps10. Yes, it is AURENA compatible too! Some of the highlights include:


Provides a comprehensive view of IFS Applications security information:

  • Audit tool with Intuitive user interface and navigation

  • A structured view of users and granted Permission Sets.

  • Security permission information based on Navigator items and Presentation Objects.

Import/Export Functions

Use Excel as a tool to manage security:

  • Export Security Matrix (IEE or AURENA) to Excel

  • Review and change security permissions and update IFS Applications Security Matrix

  • Add new permission sets in Excel and create in IFS Applications automatically

  • Convert IEE permissions to AURENA

  • Includes dictionary of form name comparisons between IEE and AURENA

Template Creation

Set of pre-packaged security templates to assist in the configuration:

  • Ensure standard security implementation

  • Comprehensive lists of end-user and functional roles

  • Tool to help document security settings for audit and compliance ​

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