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Nayo and Synoptek Provide Flexible Managed Services for IFS

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

At the IFS World Conference 2018, Nayo Technologies and Synoptek announced their partnership to provide IFS customers with a flexible managed services solution. This partnership draws upon Nayo’s experience supporting many IFS customers and Synoptek’s expertise managing enterprise cloud infrastructure. “Synoptek is proud to have been selected to manage and secure hosted IFS solutions”, said Miles Feinberg, Vice President of Service Development. “By partnering with Nayo Technologies, who brings proven expertise with IFS ApplicationsTM we’ve created a valuable solution for customers seeking flexible managed cloud options.”

All About Choices

Understanding that one fixed solution does not fit most customers’ needs, Nayo and Synoptek have developed an approach centered on giving customer choices.

  • The Platform – AWS, Azure or Synoptek VMware vCloud

  • The Level of Service – from fully managed to infrastructure only

  • The Access Required – application only through server desktop

Comprehensive Solution

Going beyond managing IFS Applications™, Nayo offers solutions to enhance a customer’s IFS investment including BI, customer and supplier collaboration, and functional application optimization. When a customer’s IT outsourcing needs to go beyond IFS, Synoptek provides “proactive” Managed IT Services by implementing, managing, securing, and monitoring scalable, high-performance cloud solutions.

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