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Nayo Technologies partners with EX10 Global Solutions to offer value-engineered customer success

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Nayo Technologies, the North American partner of IFS, provides IFS services and products to companies using IFS Applications. Nayo won the IFS Customers' Choice Partner of the Year award 5 years in a row. Nayo's exceptional customer service is a fundamental value of the organization.

EX10 was founded by three IFS veterans - Nitin Akhaury, Praveen Anand, and Nilesh Kumar. These experts bring more than two decades of IFS experience each and have helped turn around many IFS projects in trouble. Their deep understanding of IFS Applications, managing projects and thorough knowledge of the industry allows them to make these difficult turnarounds.

EX10 Global, a boutique consultancy firm for IFS Applications, is entering into a partnership with North American IFS business partner Nayo Technologies. This partnership will give North American and South Asian IFS users access to high-quality IFS implementations, Solution Management, up-gradation, and support services.

Nayo Technologies Vice-President – IFS Solutions, Sam Durvasula, mentioned, "We are excited to partner with EX10. This partnership will allow us to offer implementation, solution management and support services to global IFS customers. Always embracing the latest technologies, we are going to continue to innovate, disrupt and help our customers derive real value for their businesses."

Nitin Akhaury, Founding Partner of EX10, asserted, "We are off to a great start in 2022. We are excited to have Nayo as our partner in North America. Our time zones are so different, but this is a perfect match. It allows utilizing our strengths to cover broader geographical regions to offer always-on support services. This is not just a partnership. It is a partnership of equals. We're excited to work together to find new ways to solve customer problems and deliver value."

Both companies have been collaborating for the last 15 months before becoming partners. Both share a passion for IFS and dedication to customers' success. The partnership is a natural extension of mutual admiration and respect both companies hold for each other and ensures value-engineered customer success for our customers.


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