Security Suite with

Nayo Technologies



 Import/Export Tool


Simplify your IFS security management and ensure compliance with the Nayo Technologies Security Suite


Provides comprehensive view of IFS Applications security information:

  • Audit tool with Intuitive user interface and navigation

  • Structured view of users and granted Permission Sets.

  • Security permission information based on Navigator items and Presentation Objects.

Import / Export

Use Excel as a tool to manage security:

  • Export Security Matrix to Excel • Review and change security

  • permissions and update IFS Applications Security Matrix

  • Add new permission sets in Excel and create in IFS Applications automatically


Set of pre-packaged security templates to assist in configuration:

  • Ensure standard security implementation

  • Comprehensive lists of end user and functional roles

  • Tool to help document security settings for audit and compliance ​

Let Nayo Technologies simplify your IFS security administration